SFRA Executive Committee Meeting in Kent, OH

The 2011-2012 Executive Committee of the Science Fiction Research Association met in Kent, Ohio this past weekend to discuss the pressing issues of the organization including those raised during the business meeting at the Lublin conference.

President Ritch Calvin will report on the successful face-to-face meeting in the next issue of the SFRA Review.

Pictured above: the SFRA Executive Committee at Kent State University, from left to right, Vice President Jason W. Ellis, Secretary Susan George, President Ritch Calvin, Immediate Past President Lisa Yaszek, Treasurer Patrick B. Sharp.

One thought on “SFRA Executive Committee Meeting in Kent, OH

  1. What a great group, there in front of Kent’s wonderful book sculpture. Esp. happy to see Ritch Calvin there. He has been the essential assembler of FemSpec for the past umpteen years.

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