Bert S. Cash’s Captures Music Concerts and Nature With Photography

Bert Cash and I first met at Risley Middle School in Brunswick, Georgia. I was a straight-laced nerd, and he was a hyper-intelligent troublemaker. How we became fast friends, I’m not exactly sure. It could have been our mutual respect for science fiction films, affinity for video games, or acumen at baseball and skateboarding. In many of those things–especially video games and skateboarding, he was far better than me.

Now, he’s developing a new photography business (pun intended). The above photo of Willie Nelson performing at a recent concert is an example of Bert’s work. I have seen Bert’s equipment and the way that he uses it for various scenes and situations. Bert’s intense interest in the science of photography as much as the art of it is infectious.

You can find more samples on his online portfolio here.

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