Apple’s New Beatles on iTunes Ad is Very Cool

I’m a big fan of The Beatles and a big fan of Apple. It made me happy when they began to play nicely together.

Apple’s newest iTunes commercial (embedded above) is a beautiful reminder that The Beatles’ songs are available in the iTunes Store.

2 thoughts on “Apple’s New Beatles on iTunes Ad is Very Cool

  1. Nobody knows exactly why Jobs named the company “Apple,” according to Walter Isaacson, the biographer. It could have been after the Beatles’ company.

  2. Hey Kathe!

    Actually, Isaacson does provide some insight into origins of Apple’s name. In chapter five of Jobs’ biography, he notes that the Apple name came from Jobs as a result of his frutarian diet at the time, returning from an apple farm run by one of his friends, and according to Jobs, “It sounded fun, spirited, and not intimidating.” Of course, Apple Corp has defended what it saw as its trademark since the beginning of Apple Computer’s success in the late 1970s. Despite Apple Computer’s monetary settlements to the record company, it led to the infamous “sosumi” alert sound built into the Macintosh’s System Software. After many court battles, Apple Computer eventually came out on top and Apple Corp made good with Apple. However, Jobs could have been influenced subconsciously by the band’s record label. This is what Apple is now–a part of the cultural consciousness or memory. It is certainly possible that Jobs’ experiences and memory could have been influenced by the culture of the time and his own fondness for The Beatles.

    Best, Jason

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