A Selection of Videos to Review with My ENGL1101 Classes on Oct 17, 2012

During today’s class, I would like us to watch these videos and discuss what these videos attempt to accomplish rhetorically using WOVEN (written, oral, visual, electronic, and nonverbal) modes of communication.

10 Amazing Facts About the Brain:

Interesting Facts About the Human Brain:

NOVA – Inside Oliver Sack’s Brain on Music:

How the Human Brain Works:

Etienne de Crecy – “No Brain:”

HULU Superbowl Commercial with Alec Baldwin:

Brain Age TV Commercial:

Atari Jaguar Brain Commercial:

Partnership for a Drug-Free America, “Your Brain on Drugs:”

Talk to Frank, “Brain Warehouse:”

Troy Aikman Football Video Game Commercial:

James Paul Gee on Video Games and Literacy: