Fund a New Western-Comedy Titled the Gorda by the Filmmakers Behind The Black Earth

My buddy James Warbington, who I worked with on the 48-Hour Film Festival twice and who created the zombie-comedy feature film The Black Earth, is fundraising for his next filmmaking endeavor: the western-comedy The Gorda!

If you want to donate to a project by someone with a track record of successful crowdfunded projects, check out The Gorda’s IndieGoGo campaign.

You can find out more about the film, read about the project, and see movie posters by going to the official The Gorda website.

Learn more about James’ production company Family Curse Films here.

Listen to an interview with James that I recorded last year here. In the interview, he talks about how he makes films, how he uses crowdsourced funding, and what inspires his filmmaking ideas. There’s plenty more about James’ previous projects on DynamicSubspace here, too.

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2 thoughts on “Fund a New Western-Comedy Titled the Gorda by the Filmmakers Behind The Black Earth

  1. THANKS ALOT! This film is hilarious, so much so, We got Hank3, Mojo Nixon and Daffney from WCW all in it. Mojo said “Damn son this script is better than the last one, how come you ain’t writing for the suits in Hollywood” I told him “they take away too many freedoms of film making” he laughed and said “Well, get use to it, seems everybody wants to take away the freedom of someone else.” Of course he gave me his full blessing and joined the project. Which says it all. It’s a middle finger to the establishment, and creative people being creative, responsibly and unrestricted. They use to call that art, now they just call you a troublemaker. Can’t wait to Terraform a different planet and hope that the folks who move and or live there…got better sense……Whoooooo Hoooooo-

    Our Podcast to take over the world begins in March 2014!

  2. James: It sounds like an awesome project! Let me know when your podcast launches and I’ll link to it.

    Folks: Give James your money to make this movie happen–a little bit in his hands goes a real long way. He’s from the Kaufman and Raimi schools of low budget, high production value filmmaking.

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