Emanations 2+2=5 Published! Includes art, literature, criticism, and the surreal.

Emanations5Carter Kaplan’s unique blend of art, literature, criticism, and the surreal in his edited Emanations collections has achieved its fifth incarnation as Emanations 2+2=5. Information about the collection and the recent International Authors meeting in New York City (I’m happy to report that I was there), is included below:

Emanations: 2 + 2 = 5 edited by Carter Kaplan and International Authors

Two past lives plus two past lives equals five past lives. Two hand grenades plus two hand grenades equals five hand grenades. Two votes plus two votes equals five votes. Two speech crimes plus two speech crimes equals five speech crimes. Two laurel wreaths plus two laurel wreaths equals five laurel wreaths. Two genetically modified organisms plus two genetically modified organisms equals five genetically modified organisms. Two celebrities plus two celebrities equals five celebrities. Two political parties plus two political parties equals five political parties. Two decapitations plus two decapitations equals five decapitations. Two pandemics plus two pandemics equals five pandemics. Two financial crises plus two financial crises equals five financial crises. But two volumes of Emanations plus two volumes of Emanations equals FOUR volumes of Emanations. The addition of the fifth fake integer is embodied in this volume, and all it contains are real emanations.

International Authors’ fifth collection of fiction, poetry and essays, Emanations: 2 + 2 = 5 presents the work of sixty writers and artists from around the world.

Carter reports on recent International Authors’ meetings and events here:

In May of this year International Authors had a display table at the American Literature Association Conference in Boston.  I also reported on our operation in a conference session in which I related many of our participants’ views on the question of “The Place of American Literature in Emerging Global Anglophone Culture.”  Pictures and report here:


In August, International Authors hosted a meeting in New York City.  Pictures and report here:


Now, I have to get back to essay that I am going to submit for Emanations VI!

Published by Jason W. Ellis

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