I Have Been Chosen as a 2011-2012 David B. Smith Fellowship Recipient

I learned last week by mail that I have been chosen as a 2011-2012 recipient of Kent State University’s David B. Smith Fellowship. According to the congratulatory letter from Dr. Mary Ann Stephens, Dean of Graduate Studies, the David B. Smith Fellowship is “an award given annually in honor of David B. Smith, a magna cum laude graduate of Kent State University, who passed away in 1982. This Fellowship is to recognize outstanding scholarship and research potential.”

I am deeply honored to have been nominated for this award by Dr. Tammy Clewell, Coordinator of Graduate Studies, Department of English, and I express my sincere gratitude to the fellowship selection committee headed by Dr. Stephens. I would like to express my heartfelt gratefulness to Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Smith for creating this fellowship in the memory of their son. I hope that my continuing work will reflect positively on this fellowship and what it represents.

Dr. Donald “Mack” Hassler, my dissertation director, and I will attend the Doctoral Students’ Academic Commitment Ceremony in October 2011 where I will be presented with this award.

I Received a Kenneth R. Pringle Research Fellowship for 2011-2012

At last night’s Kent State English Department Awards Ceremony, I received a Kenneth R. Pringle Research Fellowship for the 2011-2012 school year. This fellowship gives me a service free semester to focus on research and writing. I plan to use this time, in part, to travel to several special collections to perform research related to my dissertation and a few unpublished articles.

The award ceremony was well attended by students and faculty in the English Department. Y and I represented the English Literature PhD students.

It was the last ceremony presided over by current Chair Ron Corthell, who is leaving the department after 30 years of service. Professor Donald “Mack” Hassler presented Professor Corthell with an Old English decree (and some good-natured ribbing) for his service to the department. I can attest to the good work of Professor Corthell, because he helped me deal with attacks on my blog publishing as a graduate student (here and here) and with professional issues relating to students. I wish Professor Corthell the best in his future work.