1000th Blog Post, or Randomly Meeting a Student Bound for the Stars

Besides being preoccupied by a few publishing projects and the upcoming Science Fiction Research Association conference in Poland, I have been wondering what I should write about for my 1000th blog post on dynamicsubspace.net. Luckily, the topic presented itself earlier this evening when Y and I were at the local mall. After dinner, Y askedContinue reading “1000th Blog Post, or Randomly Meeting a Student Bound for the Stars”

My Writing Class and Clarke’s 2001, A Break Through

I believe today was a very good day in my introductory writing class. Today’s class concludes week seven, and until today, I didn’t feel like I was connecting with my students as well as in my past classes at this point in the semester. It was with that in mind that I devised a differentContinue reading “My Writing Class and Clarke’s 2001, A Break Through”

College Writing, Space Exploration Theme, Take Two

I just completed my second semester teaching college writing I at Kent State University, and I’ve learned a few more things about teaching and how to organize my class (for my past postings on college writing click here).   In Fall 2008, I taught my first college writing class at KSU with the theme, “SpaceContinue reading “College Writing, Space Exploration Theme, Take Two”

Supposedly Different College Writing Classroom Dynamics

My hypothesis walking into my two classrooms in Moulton Hall at Kent State University this semester was that my morning classroom would facilitate discussion better than my afternoon classroom.  The reasoning behind my assumption was that the morning classroom has a great big central table with almost enough room for my 25 students to sitContinue reading “Supposedly Different College Writing Classroom Dynamics”

2001 A Space Odyssey and College Writing

One choice that I wanted to adhere to in designing my first college writing course was that I would have my students read some Science Fiction.  Since I settled on the space exploration theme for the class, I thought that Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001:  A Space Odyssey was the path of least resistance to bringingContinue reading “2001 A Space Odyssey and College Writing”