iPhone 4S Now Activated, Took About 4 Hours

My iPhone 4S finally activated during dinner–thank the maker! I am restoring my iPhone backup now.

I am certainly more happy with the feel and weight of the iPhone 4S as compared to the iPhone 3GS. I do like playing games on my iPhone, and I think that the feel of the iPhone 4S will be more comfortable. Also, I can’t wait to try out Siri voice recognition and the updated browsing speed.

It feels good to be in the future.

iPhone 4S Activation Woes

Nothing inspires confidence in your wireless carrier like the inability to activate a new phone. I received my iPhone 4S earlier today, but I still cannot activate it. The process that claims to “take up to three minutes” is actually much longer than that. I suppose that I can play with my two year old iPhone 3GS while I wait.