Pakistaniaat Special Issue: The 1971 Indo-Pakistan War Now Published

The latest issue of the open access journal Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies, Vol. 2 Issue 3 is now available here!

This is a special issue on The 1971 Indo-Pakistan War and it is edited by Dr. Cara Cilano, University of North Carolina, Wilmington. This issue includes articles by Philip Oldenburg, Roger Vogler, Luke A. Nichter and Richard A. Moss, and Mavra Farooq. There are reviews of Shailah Abdullah’s Saffron Dreams, Ali Seth’s The Wish Maker, Afzal Ahmed Syed’s Rococo and Other Worlds, and Modern Poetry of Pakistan. The issue also includes notes on human and economic growth by Asad Zaman and a review of an exhibit of Pakistan art in France by David Waterman. You will find new poetry by Rizwan Akhtar and Shadab Zeest Hashmi, too. View the whole table of contents here.

This is also the last issue of Pakistaniaat in which I will serve as layout editor. It has been a very rewarding experience helping Masood Raja with Pakistaniaat. I clearly remember him approaching me one afternoon in my office at school about a new journal that he was launching. He needed someone to layout the issues for online access and printing, and he thought I would be the right person for the job. Masood wrote some very kind things about my work and our laying out the journal here. The first issue was a harrowing adventure for me–creating a layout template, figuring out the changes in InDesign from the outdated Pagemaker I learned over 10 years ago in high school, and troubleshooting un-embedded fonts at the 11th hour inside Angel Falls Coffee Shop in Akron. I would like to thank Masood for giving me an opportunity to work such an important project from its beginning. I also give thanks to the many contributors to the journal and its editors. Best of luck to the journal’s continued success and good work!

[About the picture above: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Indira Gandhi meeting for the Simla talks.]

Following Our Mission, Improving with 101 Feature Articles

There is an exciting new addition to beginning today! As part of the organization’s mission “to encourage and assist scholarship” and “improve classroom teaching,” the SFRA is adding the 101 Features from the SFRA Review directly to our website. As you may know, the 101 Features are instant immersion articles that introduce readers to the major arguments and concepts within a field of study. These articles are useful to scholars, graduate students, and survey course students alike, because they briefly present a thorough overview of a given topic. Some of the 101 Feature topics include: Postmodernism, Comic
Studies, Mundane SF, Slipstream, New Weird, Science Studies, and Fan Studies. Adding the 101 Features to as a public resource will help circulate this important scholarship in an open and easily accessible way, which will get 101 Feature authors more attention while increasing the visibility of the work of the SFRA. This will better enable public discovery and searching of these materials, and allow members to directly link to the 101 Features rather than pointing to the original SFRA Review PDF (you may have read Neil’s email earlier today about Ritch Calvin in an Orion Magazine article about literary SF–Ritch won the 2009 Mary Kay Bray Award for his Mundane SF 101 article). Karen Hellekson initiated this new plan by donating her recent “Scholarly Research and Writing 101” article from
SFRA Review #292, which is now available on our website at <>. Michael Klein is in the process of requesting permissions from other 101 Feature authors to include their work on If you are a member of the SFRA and would like to contribute a new 101 Feature to the SFRA Review <>, please contact the editors with your proposal.