AVP2 Requiem Post Round-Up

Aliens Vs. Preadator 2:  Requiem really left an afterimage on my retina for me to have written so many posts on that movie in the past week.  Here are all the posts collected for your reading pleasure: On Forced Deep Throat in Aliens Vs. Predator Requiem More Thoughts on Forced Fellatio in AVP2  Requiem TheContinue reading “AVP2 Requiem Post Round-Up”

Another Feminist Reading of AVP2 Requiem

Last night I went to an excellent party hosted by Kolter in nearby Akron.  As the evening went on, I was talking with Professor Raja’s wife, Jenny (she’s a Renaissance Studies PhD candidate at Florida State, and she has a healthy appreciation of SF) about AVP2 Requiem and my thoughts about the Alien-Predator hybrid asContinue reading “Another Feminist Reading of AVP2 Requiem”

The Cigarette Smoking Man and Ms. Yutani in AVP2 Requiem

Another interesting aspect of AVP2 Requiem is the appearance of the Cigarette Smoking Man from The X-Files. Okay, so the character is called Colonel Stevens, and he’s played by Robert Joy and not William B. Davis. However, he serves a similarly shady function within the AVP2 narrative. This American government/military official donning a black suitContinue reading “The Cigarette Smoking Man and Ms. Yutani in AVP2 Requiem”

More Thoughts on Forced Fellatio in AVP2 Requiem

There’s one point that I didn’t make that clear in my last posting on Aliens Vs. Predator Requiem and that is the underlying problematic nature of the hybrid Alien-Predator. It signifies the ambiguous sex of transsexuals. Its body contains the Predator’s vagina-like mouth, which in turn houses the Alien’s phallus-like mouth extension. Through this imageryContinue reading “More Thoughts on Forced Fellatio in AVP2 Requiem”

On Forced Deep Throat in Aliens Vs. Predator Requiem

On Christmas Day, 2007, I went to see Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem with Ryan, Jarret, Bert, and Stacey. Considering the poor quality of the first Aliens Vs. Predator film, and the general decline of the franchise in general (Aliens is clearly the high-water mark), I wasn’t expecting much from this film. Despite the dreadful storyContinue reading “On Forced Deep Throat in Aliens Vs. Predator Requiem”