Lego Fun: Boba Fett on a Tauntaun, Beginning of Week of Lego Posts!

This begins a week of Lego themed posts! I will work on some non-Lego related things this week, too, but I want to catch up with some Lego goings-on that I have neglected to post to since I finished my PhD exams. Now, on with the show . . .

Why is Boba Fett on a tauntaun? Is it because:

a) He arrived to the Battle of Hoth late.

b) Nothing impresses like accurate marksmanship from the back of a galloping tauntaun.

c) Boba has hobbies, too.

d) He damn well wants to be!

I’m going with “d”.

Next Week-of-Lego post: Four Lego Holiday Reward Boxes = Mini-Tardis of Bricks