FedEx Office in Hudson, OH Rocks!

I want to give a big thanks to Julius at the FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinkos) in Hudson, Ohio for doing the seemingly impossible.  I woke up early this morning, and I thought I would try to get some new business cards printed before going to SFRA in Atlanta next week.  So, I downloaded the FedEx business card template, and designed what can only be described as an awesome business card.  Then, I called the FedEx Office in Kent, Ohio and asked what the turn around time would be on a run of 100 cards.  After the saleswoman returned from talking with her colleague (that means that there were at least two people working in that branch), she said it would take 7 business days.  I said thank you and hung up.  Yufang suggested I try another FedEx Office, so I called the location in Hudson and spoke with Julius.  In a relaxed and friendly tone, he told me that he could print them right now and I could email him the file for faster service.  So, I sent off my Photoshop file, and drove up the road to pick them up.  He told me that it would take about 15 minutes to complete the order.  When I arrived at the Hudson FedEx Office, Julius was the only person there, but he handled a phone order, two walk in print orders, and a package shipment while printing and cutting my cards.  Also, he saw that I was a student, because of my cards, so he gave me a student discount that I didn’t even know FedEx offers.  So, let me break this down for you–Julius did more work single handedly in what turned out to be 20 minutes than a whole crew at another FedEx Office could do in 7 business days.  Thanks, Julius–it was a pleasure doing business with someone who really knows how to work.  

Oh, and here’s my new business card that matches my header for

 My Business Card

You can find the full size image in the public domain here.