SFRA 2010, Saturday, Awards Banquet

On Saturday evening as the temperature descended from 114 degrees, everyone converged on the Carefree Opera House pictured above for the prebanquet reception and awards banquet. The reception inside the western themed (and air conditioned) opera house was a pleasant beginning to the evening. SFRA members mingled and chatted over drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Then,Continue reading “SFRA 2010, Saturday, Awards Banquet”

SFRA 2010, Saturday, SF and Colonialism Panel

My last official duty of SFRA 2010 was to moderate the SF and Colonialism panel. Gerry Canavan couldn’t make it to the conference, so the panel was made up of by friend Jason Embry (pictured above in center) and first time SFRAer Joshua Ramsey (pictured above on right). With fewer panelists and hearing the panelistsContinue reading “SFRA 2010, Saturday, SF and Colonialism Panel”

SFRA 2010, More Wrap-Up Reporting Tomorrow

I had hoped to finish my writeup of the conference today, but the remainder will have to wait until tomorrow. It is now time for sleep. I will also post a link to the photos that I took of the conference on Flickr in full resolution glory and send it out to the email list,Continue reading “SFRA 2010, More Wrap-Up Reporting Tomorrow”

SFRA 2010, Saturday, Roundtable on Immigration, Alienation, and Arizona SB 1070

The second session for Yufang and I was the roundtable on Immigration, Alienation, and Arizona SB 1070. We volunteered to be a part of the roundtable, because we had strong opinions about Arizona’s recent immigration and anti-ethnic studies legislations. Also as the SFRA Publicity Director, I had drafted the organization’s statement, in consultation and approvalContinue reading “SFRA 2010, Saturday, Roundtable on Immigration, Alienation, and Arizona SB 1070”

SFRA 2010, Carefree, AZ or Bust!

Yufang and I are about to head out of town for the annual SFRA conference, which is being held in Carefree, AZ this year. We’re going to have a busy Saturday (panel presentations + roundtable discussion + moderating a panel), but I hope that we can do some sightseeing on Sunday after the business meeting.Continue reading “SFRA 2010, Carefree, AZ or Bust!”