It Lives: Carter Kaplan’s Emanations: Second Sight Now Available on

Carter Kaplan has now published the second fantastically wonderful and weird Emanations anthology: Second Sight. It is available for purchase on here.

Sue Hassler has already written a review of the new book on Amazon, in which she says,  “The work of Marleen Barr in this collection of strange things is worth the price of admission alone.”

Horace Jeffrey Hodges has more to say about the new collection on his blog here.

I highly recommend the original Emanations, too. Check out both titles for your daily dose of the unknown!

Carter Kaplan’s Emanations Now Available on

Carter Kaplan’s edited collection Emanations is now available on here. I believe that the eclectic selection of stories, essays, and poems in this collection is as trippy and wild as the cover art. This is worth checking out. You can browse the book on Amazon and you can also read more about it on Carter’s blog here.