Scientific American on Boosting Your Intelligence in Five Steps

Originally spied on Lifehacker, Scientific American has a guest blog entry by Andrea Kuszewski on how, “You can increase your intelligence: 5 ways to maximize your cognitive potential.” Kuszewski brings together things that I have heard in different places into this one post. The main idea is that intelligence, like the brain itself, is plastic,Continue reading “Scientific American on Boosting Your Intelligence in Five Steps”

Check Out Mind Hacks Blog for Your Regular Fix of Neuroscience and Brain Stuff

Mind Hacks is one of my favorite brain and neuroscience blogs. Here are some recent links to things that I found interesting on their site. The cool thing for me about reading blogs like Mind Hacks is that, as you see in second and third summaries below, they helped me generate new connections related toContinue reading “Check Out Mind Hacks Blog for Your Regular Fix of Neuroscience and Brain Stuff”

Good Discussion in College Writing Today

My students and I discussed Capgras Syndrome and Rivka Galchen’s Atmospheric Disturbances today, and we had a wonderful conversation following my lecture on the importance of the amygdala and the fusiform gyrus. It was also a great day to bring in my anatomical skull and brain model to use as a visual aid in class.Continue reading “Good Discussion in College Writing Today”

Workshop CFP: Neurohistory, 6-7 June 2011, Munich, Germany

I saw this fascinating workshop call for papers on better understanding history through neuroscience. I have included the full call for papers below: How can neuroscience help us understand the past? This question is the focus of a workshop to be held 6-7 June 2011 at the Rachel Carson Center in Munich, Germany. Disciplines canContinue reading “Workshop CFP: Neurohistory, 6-7 June 2011, Munich, Germany”