Minireview: The Reconcilers Graphic Novel Volume 1

While Y and I were sitting for several hours in an airplane–on the ground, I had the pleasure of meeting the writer, actor, and director Erik Jensen. After I mentioned to him that my specific area of training is in Science Fiction, he gave me a graphic novel saying, “here’s some Science Fiction for you.” I was thankful for theContinue reading “Minireview: The Reconcilers Graphic Novel Volume 1”

I’m Not Sure Mark Millar Gets the Whole Internet Thing

After Frank Miller wrote some nasty things about OWS and other things on his blog [something that I wrote on yesterday here], a lot of folks went on the attack. Fellow comic book writer Mark Millar responded on his website: It’s strange to watch your favourite writer getting strips torn off him for a coupleContinue reading “I’m Not Sure Mark Millar Gets the Whole Internet Thing”