Bertrand Benoit’s Cover Art of The Postnational Fantasy

Besides the amazing selection of essays in The Postnational Fantasy: Essays on Postcolonialism, Cosmopolitics and Science Fiction, the other editors and I were very happy with the fantastic cover art by Bertrand Benoit that the editor at our publisher McFarland selected for our book. Masood Raja, Swaralipi Nandi, and I had no input in the selection of the cover art, so it was a very happy surprise that McFarland chose such a wonderfully imaginative piece of art.

Mr. Benoit produces amazing photo-realistic cgi artwork, which you can read about his more recent creations on his official website and blog here.

I searched online for the image that graces our book’s cover, because I thought that I had seen the picture before. However, I thought it was slightly different.

It turns out the cover art is an updated version of Mr. Benoit’s “Sci-Fi City Scape (After the Rain),” which you can see here and read his notes on its creation here.

I would be very lucky to have Mr. Benoit’s work grace the covers of my future books!

The Postnational Fantasy is available from the publisher McFarland & Co here,  from Amazon here (temporarily sold out), or from Barnes & Noble here.