This Makes Me Very Happy, Maybe It Will Make You Happy, Too: みっちりねこマーチ – MitchiriNeko March

I’m not going to try to make any science fictional arguments about the bona fides of cute, anthropomorphic marching cats playing instruments. This video simply makes me happy every time I watch it:

Gator the Goose, Wears Custom Teva Sandals

Y keyed me into a post on Cute Overload about a pet goose named Gator who goes for neighborhood walks in a custom-built pair of Teva sandals. First, Cute Overload is a fun website of all things related to cute and animals. Second, Teva makes a good pair of sandals and walking shoes–I just purchasedContinue reading “Gator the Goose, Wears Custom Teva Sandals”