Priscilla at Apple Got Me Listening to Daft Punk Again

As I reported a few weeks ago here, my iPad deep sixed almost as soon as I had touched down in Taiwan. As a result, I lost a six page movie review that I had written in Apple’s Pages app, and I lost the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, which I had purchased on my iPad while in Brunswick, Georgia. Y and I had left our MacBooks back in Ohio so that we could travel lighter, but this meant that I never had a chance to backup my purchase made on the iPad. Besides having all of the fun things and work stuff that I had packed on my iPad before leaving Ohio disappear, I was more than miffed that I was out a whole album of tunes that I happened to like. According to Apple’s written policy, I didn’t think I would get the soundtrack back.

However, I was thinking last night that I should see what kind of contact form iTunes provided for customers. Going through the steps it provided, I was able to send an email message to iTunes customer service about the lost album.

Today, I received a friendly email from Priscilla at iTunes customer service. She understood my problem and setup my account to automatically download the album again in iTunes. This worked flawlessly.

Now, I am listening to Daft Punk and imagining that I am on The Grid.