Missed Discovery Landing Because I Was Dreaming of Mars

I had to watch Space Shuttle Discovery’s landing online and after the fact, because I was watching Mars Rising, a program about a hypothetical future mission to Mars narrated by William Shatner, on the Science Channel. I am glad that Discovery’s final crew made it home safely, but I hope that we can begin setting our sites on bigger game in the solar system with a public space program rather than something privatized. You can see Discovery’s final landing here: NASA – Multimedia – Video Gallery.

Learn About the New ISS Inhabitant: Robonaut 2 (or R2)

I am very happy that Space Shuttle Discovery had a successful launch yesterday, but I certainly wish that I could have been there to see it lift off since I have never seen a shuttle launch in person (or any large rocket launches for that matter).

Besides the able bodied human crew of Discovery, there was another crew member tucked away inside the cargo bay: Robonaut 2. R2 is a new robotic crew member that can perform tasks outside the ISS. Find out more about R2 here: Robonaut: Home.

Richard Feynman Interview on BBC Horizon

I have read a lot of Richard Feynman’s introductory physics writings, popularizations, and autobiographies including his three volume lectures on physics, QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter, Six Easy Pieces, Six Not-So-Easy Pieces, Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!, and What Do You Care What Other People Think: Further Adventures of a Curious Character. His explanations are stellar, and his anecdotes are extremely entertaining. However, I have felt the most joy hearing him speak (unfortunately for me, only in recordings). I wanted to share his voice and his ideas with my college writing students today since we had a snow day at KSU, and I thought I would share this video with you as well. I told my students about the pleasure of finding things out, and there is no better teacher of this than Feynman. Feynman offered his thoughts on finding things out on the BBC programme Horizon. Go here to watch it on Google Video: Feynman.avi.