Seventh Anniversary with

Happy Anniversary from!
Happy Anniversary from! informed me today that it’s my seventh anniversary with their service and blogging platform.

Seven years ago, I transitioned from a non-dynamic iWeb/ blog that I began concurrently with my MA in Science Fiction Studies at the University of Liverpool. My original intent was to record my experience living abroad and share my learning with others in a public-facing website. As my iWeb site grew, it became increasingly difficult to find my past writing. iWeb was not a dynamic platform. Each time that I added a new post to its blog-style format, iWeb would render the site locally on my computer and upload a newly rendered version to the servers. It was clunky, time consuming, and ill-suited for linking/sharing my content online. I investigated different blogging services, and I ultimately chose I imported my earlier iWeb content to this site and backdated it.

During the past seven years, I have written 1,395 posts, maintained 7 pages (this number fluctuates based on my research and teaching–sometimes more and sometimes less), and received 1,671 comments (many of these, I made in response to my friendly, neighborhood readers from around the world).

While I would certainly enjoy more control and features on my site (as if I had installed it on a dedicated hosting service), I cannot complain about its simplicity to get the job done of sharing my words to a broad audience online. For this, I am very happy to have thrown in my lot with the folks at

Here’s to seven more years and beyond!

Why and What is Plus, Site Updates.

I began as a blog a few days after I landed in England and arrived in Liverpool in 2006 for two reasons: 1) I wanted to record my adventures in England for myself and my friends, and 2) I wanted to improve my writing and argumentation through regular practice. So, you will find a mixture of personal and professional; lighthearted and serious; World of Warcraft and politics; and Lego and science fiction. This blog has evolved over time, and I am sure that it will transform further as time passes and I, as its author, change as an individual, a professional, and a writer.

The single unifying thread that runs through all the blog posts on is that it is all an expression of myself or an extension of my interests. Some posts are personal reflections, other posts are critical reviews, and yet other posts are reminders or helpful messages for the science fiction community. You will many find posts related to the SFRA, because the organization and its members are very dear to me as friends and colleagues who helped guide me to where I am now.

The above writing was originally on the “About” page of I have recently been expanding some of the site’s static pages to include a section on “Teaching” and a revamped “About” page. In particular, I wanted to augment my writing with images. I wanted my blog to express the same multimodality that my students are developing now. I expect to make a few more additions in the next few days, so please stay tuned.