Retrocomputing Lab Page Launch


Over the weekend, I launched a new page under the “Research” menu on for my Retrocomputing Lab.

I use the Retrocomputing Lab’s hardware and software resources in my continuing research on human-computer interaction, human-computer experiences, and human-computer co-influence. So far, its primary focus is on the shift from the pre-Internet, early-1990s to the post-Internet, late-1990s and early-2000s.

During that time, technological and cultural production seems to accelerate. Imagine all of the stories yet to be recovered from that time. How do we untangling of the long shadow of that time from the innovations and disruptions of the present passing into future?

The computer hardware includes Macs and PCs. There are laptops and desktops. There are different add-on cards and peripherals to enhance and change experiences. There are 3.5″ floppy disks, CD-ROMs, and DVDs. There are many different kinds of software ranging from games to interactive encyclopedias to operating systems to word processors. There are different motherboards that can be swapped out in various computer cases (AT and ATX). The machines can be temperamental, but each configuration reveals its own indelible soul (for lack of a better word, but it is a word that I quite like in this context).

My research focuses on reading on screens, depictions of electronic-facilitated reading, and the cognitive effects of reading on screens (of course, there are a multitude of screens and interfaces–a worthy complication) as opposed to other forms of non-digital media (and their multitude).

The Retrocomputing Lab continues to grow and new research possibilities abound. If you are interested in collaborating on a project with Retrocomputing Lab resources, drop me a line at jason dot ellis at lmc dot gatech dot edu.

Call for Experts, Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary Monsters


The following project announcement, which seeks literary monster experts, came across my IAFA inbox today. The photo above is of Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein of the Misfits, and the original can be found here.

I have recently agreed to serve as general editor for the Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary Monsters and am now looking for subject area experts to assist in its completion.

The aim of the Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary Monsters is to provide scholars and students with a comprehensive and authoritative  “A-Z” of literary monsters.  It will be a high-quality, hard-back volume marketed primary to academic and public libraries.  The encyclopedia will include entries on specific monsters, as well as a limited number of more general themes.

Although the volume will emphasize monsters in English language and literatures, it will also include entries on famous or significant monsters in other literary traditions.  As such, I am looking for a number of subject area experts who can make recommendations about appropriate monsters for inclusion and help to solicit authors for the entries.

Subject area experts are sought in the following areas:

  • Monsters in British literature
  • Monsters in Australian and New Zealand literature
  • Monsters in Literatures written in French
  • Monsters in Literatures written in Italian
  • Monsters in Literatures written in German
  • Monsters in Literatures written in Russian
  • Monsters in South Asian literature
  • Monsters in Chinese literature
  • Monsters in Japanese literature
  • Monsters in African literatures
  • Monsters in Middle Eastern literatures

Subject area experts will receive a copy of the finished volume, credit as a subject area expert in the volume, and preference as authors for entries in the volume.

Inquiries may be directed to Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock <>.  Forwarding of this announcement to parties for whom it may hold interest is greatly appreciated as are suggestions concerning appropriate persons to contact.



Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, Ph.D.

Professor of English and Graduate Program Coordinator

Associate Editor, Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts

Central Michigan University

100 W. Preston Road, Anspach Hall 205

Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859-0001

(989) 774-3101