Are These the Droids You Were Looking For?

Perhaps you could use two new droids? We’re doing some spring cleaning, so we’re listing stuff on eBay including WALL-E and EVE from the Disney/Pixar film.WALL-E U-Command is a fully interactive and controllable robot that sings, dances, and follows your combo stringed commands. Interaction EVE is an interactive robot that you move around, but sheContinue reading “Are These the Droids You Were Looking For?”

Wall-E, Terrific Science Fiction

Yufang and I just got back home from seeing Pixar’s latest animated film, Wall-E, at the single screen Highland Theatre in Akron, Ohio.  It’s everything but a “silly cartoon.”  I have to tell you–Wall-E is TERRIFIC Science Fiction, and GREAT filmmaking! I’ve seen every film by Pixar except for the Toy Story series, and I’veContinue reading “Wall-E, Terrific Science Fiction”