Mars Science Laboratory, T Minus 19 Hours and Counting Until Launch

The launch clock on NASA’s and JPL’s Mars Science Laboratory (aka: Curiosity) website is progressing toward a launch tomorrow. Hopefully, the weather holds out and the launch is successfully on-time as planned at 10:02AM EST. You can watch the launch tomorrow here (there are other videos and information about Curiosity on this website, too).

Response to Suspending Funding for NASA

Earlier today, a friend from high school suggested on Facebook that the United States should suspend operations at NASA and use that money to pay off the national deficit. Even though it was early in the morning and I had a lot of reading to do, I felt compelled to respond to this intriguing proposal.Continue reading “Response to Suspending Funding for NASA”

College Writing and Space Exploration Theme

As many of you know, this is my first year teaching college writing at Kent State University, and it’s already been an enlightening experience.  I chose space exploration as the course theme (after a suggestion by Brian Huot and protracted consideration on my part and a mad scramble for resources before classes began), because IContinue reading “College Writing and Space Exploration Theme”