Tennessee Has Solved All Social and Financial Problems, Time to Legislate Bigotry

According to this AP report posted to The Huffington Post, Tennessee Senate Approves Ban On Teaching Of Homosexuality.

It is certainly refreshing that the great issues facing Tennessee and America today have all be resolved. Let’s see, Tennessee ranks 11th highest rate of poverty [here], 10th highest unemployment [here], 43rd highest median household income [here], and 4th highest infant mortality [here]. Now, the Tennessee State Senate can spend time enforcing bigotry through legislation.

You know what I have to say to that? Takei:

George Takei Is Getting Married

George Takei (Star Trek and Heroes) and Brad Altman obtained their marriage permit today in West Hollywood. Before the courthouse began issuing the permits, Takei gave a well-delivered speech on the importance and historicity of today’s events. In closing his address to the many people that had gathered to get licenses and their supporters, he said, “May equality live long and prosper,” while holding up the Vulcan salute. My words don’t do his speech justice, but I thought his words were moving.

On another note, CNN interviewed some of the couples waiting to get a license, and there was a recurring theme in everything that people said. Basically, they reiterated the idea that this was a step in the right direction towards equal rights and sharing in the familial rights already enjoyed by heterosexual couples. I thought it was surprising that there weren’t more vociferous or radical statements that weren’t quite so polite. Perhaps the CNN producers chose the viewpoints to air, or it could be that a lot of these couples buy into the anti-radicalism in queer circles elucidated by Michael Warner et. al.