James Franco Also English PhD Student

I just read on The New York Times that the actor James Franco is also an English PhD student. He is apparently a full time PhD student at Yale and a MA student in the film program at New York University. Find out more about this Hollywood star and professional student here: James Franco’s 2 Roles at Yale – Scholar and Lightning Rod – NYTimes.com.

Another Fun Science Fiction Thing to Do: Hero Complex Film Festival in June

The Los Angeles Times is hosting a three day film festival called the Hero Complex Film Festival with special guests: Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Nolan, and Ridley Scott. It’s being held at the Mann Chinese 6 in Hollywood on June 11, 12, and 13. Tickets are at a reasonable price for an event like this. If I had the money to travel, I would definitely go. Since I can’t, you should go and let me know about it! Get tickets here.