Back from Europe, Clean Lion Install Completed

Y and I got back from our trip to Europe earlier this week. We traveled to Poland for the annual Science Fiction Research Association conference, which was held in Lublin this year. We also traveled to Switzerland and France to visit friends and to vacation. We had a very good time abroad, and I willContinue reading “Back from Europe, Clean Lion Install Completed”

Dish Network and Taiwan Mega Pack Denouement

As I have already documented today between bouts of research here, here, and here, Y and I were trying to get Dish Network installed. Unfortunately, the installer feared that we would not be able to have an installation for the Taiwan Mega Pack which required one set of satellites in one direction and it wasContinue reading “Dish Network and Taiwan Mega Pack Denouement”

No Dish Network For Us Thanks to Trees

Things went from bad to worse with Dish Network which began here and here. However, the worse is not their fault–just the surrounding flora. Andy, our Dish Network installer, showed up at 3:30PM, which was 3 1/2 hours after the far end of our appointment window. When he greeted me, he was nice, but heContinue reading “No Dish Network For Us Thanks to Trees”

iOS 4 Installed on my iPhone 3GS Without a Hitch

iOS 4 installed without a hitch. R2-D2 is proudly displayed as my new wallpaper underneath my home screen apps. I had already backed up my iPhone with iTunes 9.2, so the update process took about 10 minutes, which it did seamlessly while I was doing some writing in Pages. I will play with the phoneContinue reading “iOS 4 Installed on my iPhone 3GS Without a Hitch”