PhD Exams, 2 Passes, Major Exam Results in July

I received word from Mack Hassler this morning that I had passed the PKD exam! That’s two down, and only one to go: 20th-Century American Literature. Kevin Floyd is working abroad in Germany this Summer, so he won’t get back to me until sometime in July. I knew this going into the exams, so no worries.

Today, I really took it easy. I slept late. I sorted some Legos from a major haul I made this past weekend (pictures to come soon). I prepared the majority of items for the next issue of Pakistaniaat. And I had some good sushi at Dancing Beta this afternoon for lunch.

I have plenty to do and other things that I would like to do given the time and energy, but anything right now is far better than the stress from each exam.

Postscript to The Beginnings of a Major Lego Project

Screen shot 2009-09-13 at 10.50.04 PM

Today’s lesson, which follows on my previous post about my Lego space port project, is that cats may mistakenly assume that a box of Lego bricks is just as good as a litter box. I know this, because Miao Miao nearly relieved herself in the box of Legos after tentatively exploring the dimensions of the box and the feel of the bricks. Luckily, I caught her in time to stop the deed and move her to her (nearby) litter box. There is now a lid safely secured to the top of the Lego box.