OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is a Go! (and Encounter with Gatekeeper)

I installed “OS X” 10.8 Mountain Lion this morning after it appeared in the Mac App Store. However, I did create a bootable USB installer for future use when I want to perform a nuke-and-pave installation of Apple’s latest operating system. So far, OS X Mountain Lion is running lean and fast. As with mostContinue reading “OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is a Go! (and Encounter with Gatekeeper)”

Stochastic Update, Reinstall Complete, Workshops

My Late-2008, Aluminum MacBook is back up and running with Lion, Aperture, and Office. After installation, everything is updated and running nicely. It’s too bad that Apple dropped support for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. I had considered getting back to basics for this particular Mac model, but had I done so, I would notContinue reading “Stochastic Update, Reinstall Complete, Workshops”

Cleaning out the cobwebs

Thanks to my home built Lion install flash drive (I purchased Mac OS X through the App Store and created a bootable install drive), I am performing a nuke-and-pave on my late-2008 MacBook. As you might have read before here, I haven’t qualms about performing a reinstall. While the install is progressing, I am readingContinue reading “Cleaning out the cobwebs”

Facetime, Apple’s Slick Teleconferencing Software, is for Cats, Too

In the image to the left, Miao and I are talking with Y with Apple’s Facetime technology. Y is visiting her family in Taiwan, so we are relying on Apple’s Facetime on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and iOS 5 to talk face-to-face. Facetime is integrated into the new device and computer operating systems so thatContinue reading “Facetime, Apple’s Slick Teleconferencing Software, is for Cats, Too”

What Magic Does Apple Hold for Next Week?

The new iPhone announcements expected next week are exciting, but I am mostly interested in updates for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. I have read many posts online from folks about their Lion experience, specifically about speed and multitasking, and it seems like certain hardware configurations fare better than others. My MacBook 5,1 seems toContinue reading “What Magic Does Apple Hold for Next Week?”

Thoughts on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion After One Week of Regular Use

I installed Mac OS X 10.7 Lion on my MacBook 5,1 just over a week ago, so I have had plenty of time to get to know the latest cat in the Apple OS family. Overall, I like the new features of Lion, but I have hit a few snags along the way to adoptingContinue reading “Thoughts on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion After One Week of Regular Use”

Safari Web Content Hogging RAM and CPU Time, Thread on Apple Support Communities

I have noticed on my MacBook 5,1 with 4 GB of RAM that Safari gets sluggish in full screen mode with twelve tabs open. I also noticed that Safari 5.1, which ships with Mac OS X Lion, spins two processes: Safari (currently using 294 MB RAM and 6.2% of CPU utilization) and Safari Web ContentContinue reading “Safari Web Content Hogging RAM and CPU Time, Thread on Apple Support Communities”

Mega Apple Linkage on Ars Technica for Lion and Other New Products

Go here for Ars Technica’s “Week in Apple: It’s a Lion-pocalypse” link party. In that post, Jacqui Cheng links to their coverage of Apple’s new software and hardware releases from this past week, including: Mac mini, MacBook Air, Cinema Display, and Mac OS X Lion. As usual, Ars Technica provides insightful coverage of computer technology relatedContinue reading “Mega Apple Linkage on Ars Technica for Lion and Other New Products”

Back from Europe, Clean Lion Install Completed

Y and I got back from our trip to Europe earlier this week. We traveled to Poland for the annual Science Fiction Research Association conference, which was held in Lublin this year. We also traveled to Switzerland and France to visit friends and to vacation. We had a very good time abroad, and I willContinue reading “Back from Europe, Clean Lion Install Completed”