Cleaning out the cobwebs

Thanks to my home built Lion install flash drive (I purchased Mac OS X through the App Store and created a bootable install drive), I am performing a nuke-and-pave on my late-2008 MacBook. As you might have read before here, I haven’t qualms about performing a reinstall. While the install is progressing, I am readingContinue reading “Cleaning out the cobwebs”

Poor Man’s MacBook to MacBook Air Hack Since I lug my late-2008, aluminum MacBook wherever I go, I decided to reduce its weight while I was making some upgrades. First, I never carry my power adapter with the extension cord. Granted, the extension cord can be mighty useful in certain circumstances, I find that I don’t need it 90% of theContinue reading “Poor Man’s MacBook to MacBook Air Hack”

Apple’s Latest MacBook Pro Lineup

Apple delivered a new lineup of MacBook Pro laptop computers today. I am most interested in the 15″ models that come with an Intel i7 quad core processor and two so-dimm slots that support up to 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. They also support automatic switching between integrated Intel graphics and a discrete ATI RadeonContinue reading “Apple’s Latest MacBook Pro Lineup”

13″ MacBook Pro specs leaked, reveal “Thunderbolt” I/O port, from ArsTechnica

Ars Technica posted leaked specs for the next iteration of the Apple MacBook Pro line. It seems that they are switching over to the Intel Sandy Bridge platform. This could be a problem, because Intel recalled their Sandy Bridge chipsets at the beginning of the month [read about it here]. However, the new platform will provideContinue reading “13″ MacBook Pro specs leaked, reveal “Thunderbolt” I/O port, from ArsTechnica”

Another Fantastic Apple Genius Bar Experience

I have had many experiences with Apple’s Genius Bar over the years since Apple first launched its chain of stores nationwide. I took my PowerMac G5 to the Northpoint Mall Apple Store in Alpharetta, Georgia, because I had to ‘pump’ the power switch three times to get it to boot after installing an nVidia 6800Continue reading “Another Fantastic Apple Genius Bar Experience”

Early 2008 MacBook, CPU Load, Loud Fans, and Adobe Flash

Yufang has since my previous post on this problem continued to have problems with anything related to Adobe Flash on her Early 2008 MacBook. Today, I decided to test out a hypothesis that I had regarding Flash. On many forums, Windows users with Flash don’t report the heavy CPU usage and subsequent fan cooling reportedContinue reading “Early 2008 MacBook, CPU Load, Loud Fans, and Adobe Flash”

Loud Fans and Adobe Flash on Early 2008 MacBook

Yufang has an Early 2008 white Macbook, which we upgraded to Snow Leopard last year. Since adding 64bit software to her daily processing, she’s had to deal with a lot of loud fan revving and droning while using Safari and Adobe Flash Player. Tonight, I finally thought of a solution that, so far, seems toContinue reading “Loud Fans and Adobe Flash on Early 2008 MacBook”

Increasing Your Battery Life on a MacBook

Laptop batteries are a fascinating work of engineering. They live, they die, and then they are resurrected. I have always struggled with prolonging each brief recharged life in my laptop batteries ever since my first Powerbook 145B back in 1993. Now I have a late 2008 aluminum unibody MacBook (MacBook5,1). I am a little displeasedContinue reading “Increasing Your Battery Life on a MacBook”

Solution to 64bit Kernel on Late-2008 MacBooks

Jake pointed me to this excellent guide to permanently enabling 64bit kernel booting on the Late-2008 MacBooks and other officially unsupported Macs. If you scroll down to comment #21 on the guide, Jake offers a tip for other Late-2008 MacBook folks about how to get the fix to work after a reboot. It goes withoutContinue reading “Solution to 64bit Kernel on Late-2008 MacBooks”

Snow Leopard Still Running Strong

This is my second day with MacOS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and all is running well! As you can see in the picture above, the DICOM viewer OsiriX is displaying my brain beautifully (how science fictional is that?!). My other apps including InDesign CS4 and NetNewsWire have been working perfectly as well. I did runContinue reading “Snow Leopard Still Running Strong”