Poor Man’s MacBook to MacBook Air Hack

http://www.flickr.com/photos/dynamicsubspace/6060425334/ Since I lug my late-2008, aluminum MacBook wherever I go, I decided to reduce its weight while I was making some upgrades. First, I never carry my power adapter with the extension cord. Granted, the extension cord can be mighty useful in certain circumstances, I find that I don’t need it 90% of theContinue reading “Poor Man’s MacBook to MacBook Air Hack”

Adobe Flash Will Really Deplete Your Battery

After reading this post on Wired which reposts a review of the new MacBook Air from Ars Technica, I am going to uninstall Adobe Flash from my MacBook. As has been widely reported, Apple decided to not include Flash with the latest MacBook Air. The reason given was that it was better for consumers toContinue reading “Adobe Flash Will Really Deplete Your Battery”