New York Times Review of Anne R. Dick’s The Search for Philip K. Dick

Scott Timberg wrote a short review of Anne R. Dick’s recently published memoir, The Search for Philip K. Dick, for the New York Times here. The review is a short piece with bits of interview material from Ms. Dick, David Gill, and Jonathan Lethem. Ms. Dick’s memoir recounts the years that Dick and she were together and lived in Point Reyes Station, California in addition to Dick’s influence on her life after they separated. I will report back in the future after I have a chance to read it–probably sometime after Christmas. If you read it before me, please share your thoughts in the comments.

Call for Pledges on Kickstarter: Masood Raja’s Coffee Shops and Real America

Have you heard about It’s a website that facilitates funding, patronage, and investment in creative projects. A project’s creator sets the level of funding that is needed and a date that the funding is needed by. If the funding isn’t met by a particular date, then the project does not get funded.

I have some ideas that I have been kicking around that would be kickstarter worthy, but in the meantime, check out Masood Raja’s latest book project titled Coffee Shops and Real America [book info here and kickstarter page here] and consider helping him on his way to making the book a reality. He’s already received pledges from three people, but he could use your support, too. You have until July 11 at 8:00pm to get some thanks and bonuses for helping the memoir happen.