Let’s Play Mega Man on the NES

The above longplay video from cubex55 is an extremely fast and well-timed run-through of the original Mega Man on the NES. Mega Man is another early science fiction console video game and it is about the good android Mega Man, built by Dr. Light, defending the world against the evil robots built by Dr. Wily. Mega Man is a classic side-scrolling adventure that is among my favorite NES games.

Let’s Play Metroid on the NES

One of my earliest and favorite games is Metroid for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In the longplay video embedded above by cubex55, you can follow along with Samus as she fights the Space Pirates who intend to use the Metroid species to take over the known worlds. The game is good side-scrolling adventure that has a good soundtrack and pace of action. There have been many other Metroid games, but the first is still my favorite.