Let’s Play Metal Gear Solid for Playstation

Cubex55 is one of the best long-play video game recorders on Youtube. In the videos above, he plays through Metal Gear Solid for Playstation. MGS is another fantastic killer app for the Playstation that ranks up to the top with Final Fantasy VII.

As I have been posting these video game play throughs, I am reminded of the science fiction roots of some of the best video games. Perhaps it is the underlying technology or technoculture that informs the creation of these early games, but I wish that more popular games would return to science fictional roots. For example, the Wii could do much with its Wii-mote technology for a science fictional game that isn’t Star Wars-oriented, but I haven’t seen a solid science fiction game for the Wii. Do you know of one? Drop it in the comments.

Sony Chief Howard Stringer Given to Overstatements Regarding Security

Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer is reported to have made an amazing overstatement today regarding the massive security breach of the Playstation Network: “We are up and running, and we are safer than ever” (via Sony Chief Howard Stringer Likens Hackers To Mujahideen). Perhaps by “ever” he means “before, we were running a wide-open version of Apache with nary a security update or firewall in sight, but now, we have implemented some semblance of protection for our customers’ online data.” Find out more about how easy it was for the “hackers” to break through or merely hop over Sony’s less-than-watertight defenses here.