Four Holiday Lego Rewards Boxes Are Each Like a Tiny Time Lord Tardis

For Christmas 2009, I got Yufang the two large Lego sets: Green Grocer and Corner Cafe. Part of that deal was that the Columbus Lego Store gave me our Wall-of-Lego Reward Boxes that I could use AFTER Christmas. We didn’t make it back to the Columbus store until the end of March, but I spent about an hour carefully selecting and backing my tiny boxes with the maximum number of Lego bricks and pieces possible. The result when I spread it all out on my work table is striking:

They were all odd box pieces, but I was particularly happy with the large number of clear 1×2 Lego plates. My only regret is that I should have filled a box with those. So it is with hindsight after a new idea for a model crystalizes in the mind.

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