Second day of Spring Break, Watching Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking

Today is the second day of our Spring Break at Kent State University. So far, this has been a good rest bit.

Last night, Y and I had a long conversation with our friend Masaya in Japan thanks to AT&T’s offer of free U.S. to Japan telephone calls.

I also stayed up late building Star Wars Lego set 8038 The Battle of Endor.

Today, I had another fun run around Kent since the weather has significantly improved. Again thanks to AT&T, I was able to listen to NHK World on my iPhone, because I have an unlimited 3G data plan as long as I keep my current contract.

And now, I am watching Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking on the Science Channel. The topic of tonight’s episode is aliens. I have never seen this program before but I am impressed with the cgi visualizations and explanations provided by Prof. Hawking. I will have to add this show to a reminder so that I can see what the other episodes examine.

My First Run in Too Long

Y suggested that I go out for a run today since I have been overstressed about my work as well as the news in the world. It was a terrific suggestion, and I wish that I had prodded myself to do it earlier. I went for a run down Highway 59 and then back through the neighborhoods behind our house. I didn’t run for too long, because I want to ease back into the routine. However, I challenged myself with the uphill portions back home on the route that I decided to take.

Since running in the cool Ohio Spring weather, I went to to the store for eggs and wine, and I returned with those things and a bouquet of red roses with tiny purple flower accents for Y. She is making curry for us tonight, so I thought that flowers were in order!