New Science Fiction Collection from Marleen S. Barr

I first met Marleen in 2006 at my first Science Fiction Research Association Conference in White Plains, New York. She and I were on the same panel. As you might imagine, I, having just graduated with a B.S. from Georgia Tech, was a bit nervous presenting in front of an audience of professional scholars. Marleen gave me words of advice and encouraged me. Since then, she and I have worked together on different projects, such as The Postnational Fantasy, which includes an essay by her, and her two consecutive presentations at the first and second City Tech Science Fiction Symposia. In addition to these personal anecdotes, Marleen is, of course, a scholar and writer whose work has been instrumental to the on-going development of science fiction studies and deservedly earned her recognition and awards, including the SFRA’s prestigious Pilgrim Award for Lifetime Achievement. Now, she has a new work of science fiction–a collection of parodic short stories–featuring the United States’ current president. Read below for details about this new collection and how to order it from the publisher B Cubed Press.

Award winning feminist science fiction scholar and writer Marleen S. Barr brings you The Feminist Science Fiction Justice League Quashes the Orange Outrage Pussy Grabber: Political Power Fantasy Fiction (forthcoming from B Cubed Press). This book, the world’s first single-authored satirical Trump-focused short story collection, is a guide to the Trump revenge fantasy galaxy. Barr turns to fiction to move beyond wishing for Trump’s impeachment. She subjects our President to close encounters with feminist extraterrestrials, alternative Hillary winning history, Godzilla-esque male metamorphosis, lock up in the Phantom Zone—and that’s on a good day. In the end, Barr transports Trump to a galaxy far far away from us. Those who recoil at pussy grabbing need to grab this laugh out loud funny groundbreaking feminist power fantasy. Liberals will rate it a ten. Will Trump call science fiction a fake book? Will he expect feminist extraterrestrials to characterize him as a very stable genius? Parody is powerful! Books can be ordered at

Fun Satire: Why Chinese Girlfriends Are Superior at Shanghai Shiok!

Y emailed me Christine Tan’s blog post, “Why Chinese Girlfriends are Superior.” If you are aware of Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and the tumultuous reception it has received from critics, you will appreciate Tan’s satire of Chua’s recent Wall Street Journal article, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.” Apparently, Tan is receiving her unfair share of vitriol from her readers regarding what is obviously satire that she has had to put disclaimers at the top and bottom of the post. Perhaps these attacks are usually leveled at the most artful and convincing satires. Unfortunately, some folks don’t get the joke. Here is a taste of Tan’s writing that Y specifically pointed out to me:

What Chinese girlfriends understand is that for any relationship to succeed, you must throw yourself 100% into it. Sometimes, that 100% seems like clinginess, insecurity, and neediness to foreigners, but it is actually good for Chinese men’s psyches. An attentive and demanding girlfriend is a girlfriend who cares. Chinese girlfriends ask for 100% but also give 100% back. I am willing to do things that many foreign women find uncomfortable, such as pluck my boyfriend’s unibrow in public, do his homework, throw tantrums in public. But all this is for my man’s confidence, even the tantrums; it shows that he means the world to a beautiful Chinese girl. He is an all-important man capable of provoking female passions.

Luckily for me, Y takes a different 100% approach to our marriage!

Tan is an entertaining and inventive writer, so you should read her full post and its corresponding inspiration on your own. Read Tan’s full post here: Why Chinese Girlfriends Are Superior at Shanghai Shiok!, and Amy Chua’s WSJ essay here: “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.”