Let’s Play Star Fox on SNES

Cubex55 brings us another longplay with complete coverage of Star Fox on SNES. Starfox is a science fiction flight simulator with anthropomorphized animal characters in the pilot seat. I cannot properly characterize how many hours I played this game. It is the kind of game that I feel pure joy while flying. Also, Star Fox is one of the few SNES games to feature 3D graphics, which were enabled by the addition of a special co-processor chip in the cartridge called the Super FX chip. Unfortunately, the Super FX and Super FX 2 didn’t make it into many games. Nintendo planned to release the Nintendo 64, so they held back development on some games originally slated for the SNES so that they would have those titles at or near the launch of their next generation console.

Let’s Play Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is another fantastic role playing game by Squaresoft. Like the Final Fantasy series, it combines fantasy with science fiction with an engaging narrative. The beginning of the game can be viewed in the embedded video above, and you can watch the other longplay videos of the game by cubex55 here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Let’s Play Another World (aka Out of this World)

Some games were tough, but that made them all the more maddeningly fun to play (and to cause you to beat your head against the wall). Another game that Bert and I had our trials with was Another World (aka Out of this World). It was made by the same company that created Flashback: The Quest for Identity, and it actually precedes Flashback.