The Night of Spam

I am surprised by the level of spam that received last night. I usually get one or two spam messages per week that I have to moderate. It was for this reason a long time ago that I now moderate all messages that appear on my blog.

Last night, I received over 30 non-automatically caught spam messages. Luckily, they were in my moderation queue, so I simply checked a box next to each one and marked them all as spam. However, it is interesting that they all seem to be doing some kind of sales for Lucas’ latest Star Wars DVD release and related Lego sets. Perhaps I have just unwittingly advertised for them, or perhaps not, each post had a suspicious link to who knows what computer horrors.

Instead of trying to censor the Internet for Americans, I think it would be nice if our elected officials spent some time expanding the do-not-call registry to also include email addresses and websites. This would be legislation that I could get behind.