I Got StumbleUpon-ed Yesterday, Greetings to New Visitors

I was surprised to see my site stats shoot through the roof yesterday. Apparently, a Stumbleupon user linked to my short post, “Scientific American on Boosting Your Intelligence in 5 Easy Steps.”

If you aren’t familiar with it, StumbleUpon.com is a site that “takes you to web pages, photos, and videos handpicked by your friends and like-minded people.”

I am very happy to have new visitors to DynamicSubspace. If you are new here, you may consider checking out my other high traffic posts in the box to the right.

DynamicSubspace.net Site Stats Review

Now that I am beginning the fifth year of blogging at dynamicsubspace.net, I thought I should run through the numbers of the site. Over five years, I have written 770 posts. I am happy to report that my total page views per day/month/year have been steadily increasing over time.

In the above summary graph by month, you can see that the site has received 117,468 total views since I transitioned from a mac.com web site to a wordpress.com hosted blog. There were lulls in activity when I made fewer updates to the site while I prepared for my PhD exams beginning in Spring 2009, but traffic began increasing again when I picked up my posting pace after I was well on my way toward the exams.

In the table above, you can see that the yearly total of site views has steadily increased. After my first year, the total visits jumped from 3,772 to 27,882 visits, which is an increase of 639%! From 2008 to 2009 the increase in visitors was a more modest 16%, and from 2009 to 2010 the site’s visitor growth was a more substantial 49%. I hope to continue this level of visitor expansion in the future through more updates and improved content focused on my research interests in science fiction, cognitive science, cultural studies, and science and technology studies. I believe that one way that I will be able to continue developing the site even further this year by posting at least one story or link per day in 2011. I pledged to do this earlier this year here.

Finally, as you can see above, the average visits per day has also increased to approximately 150 visits per day. This may mean that I am gathering more regular visitors to the site rather than spikes in activity based around particular posts. This however is difficult to establish without better site stats. Due to this, I would like to add Google Analytics, but wordpress.com does not allow this for their hosted blogs. As a result, I am considering moving my blog to a paid host, which will allow me to collect this data.

These things will get sorted out this year while I continue to blog here and hopefully give you all something interesting to read. I hope that some of the things that I write here will generate discussion in the comments or elsewhere. Wherever the discussion takes us, I will do my best to further the discourse in cyberspace.

WordPress’ Sexy Stats

WordPress (this blog’s host and content management system) announced a change to blog stats today. The big shift for quickly seeing traffic is a move from a point and line based graph to bars. I am a fan of bar-based graphs, and I have to concede that there is something sexy about the new look. Rectangular bar graphs, at least for me, are visually more appealing and quicker to digest. I suppose their efficient information presentation does make them sexier than the line graphs, but that doesn’t really mean that they are more innovative. I think a more robust (full figure?) solution would be to have stats customizable with different choices available for graphical representation of traffic data. Perhaps we will see this in a future release of their stats plug-in. Read about the changes here.

Landmark Post No. 500!

I began blogging about my experiences in academia and as a science fiction scholar in the Fall of 2006, but I moved my early work over to WordPress.com in March 2007 where I have been hosting dynamicsubspace.net ever since. This is my 500th blog post since I began, so I thought I dig through my site logs and share some surprising statistics with you.

DynamicSubspace.net had a very tentative beginning with only 3,772 visits during 2007. However, things really took off after I wrote more content and that content was indexed by Google. So, in 2008, my total number of site visits leapt to 27,878, and so far in 2009, I have 29,924 visits. In the screen grab above, you can see these numbers spread out by month, which generates a nice roller coaster graph of site activity.

I have written 224,109 words, including tags, on DynamicSubspace.net, which includes my earlier mac.com posts before the transition. That’s two regular-sized novels or nearly one mega-sized novel like Neal Stephenson’s Anathem.

Over the past three years, these have been the five most popular pages on Dynamicsubspace.net:

  1. On Forced Deep Throat in Aliens vs. Predator Requiem (10,230 visits)
  2. The Cigarette Smoking Man and Ms. Yutani in AVP2 Requiem (1,995 visits)
  3. 1080p Trouble with Windows 7, Nvidia, and Samsung LCD HDTV (1,120 visits)
  4. Apple Favors the MacBook Pro With 64bit Kernel (896 visits)
  5. Fandom, Otaku, and Home Guys in Taiwan (789 visits)

These are the top five search terms on DynamicSubspace.net. It should be noted that I don’t mean to misrepresent. I do talk about these things, but I don’t think that I talk about them all necessarily in the way that many of these readers want.

  1. predator (13,533)
  2. vagina dentata (588)
  3. forced deep throat (537)
  4. forced deepthroat (527)
  5. sunshine review (338)

I plan to write more about science fiction scholarship for 500 more posts and beyond–time and energy permitting, but I should consider putting my writing down for other purposes like writing a book.