ENGL 1101 Project 2 Videos, Creating Educational Videos Based on John Medina’s Brain Rules

For the second major project in my current ENGL 1101 classes, I guided my students through the revision process of creating an educational video based on what they learned from a chapter of their choosing from John Medina’s Brain Rules. They used the revision process to develop an outline, script, and storyboard. Throughout the process, they received feedback from their peers to develop each shooting component of the video. We worked together as a class to think through the methods of filming and editing to construct rhetorically effective videos. Today, they have completed their videos and we will be watching them in class. We will discuss the videos as a class during the viewing–providing praise, criticism, and constructive feedback. While I am not requiring students to revise their videos, they do have that option. Each student is required to think through and provide a plan of revision in their final portfolios due at the end of the semester. Their videos are included after the jump (I will update the page as I receive YouTube video links from my students).

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