ICFA 2009, Guest Scholar Luncheon with Maria Nikolajeva

Friday’s Guest Scholar Luncheon began with a caesar salad, roasted vegetables, and lemon cakes.  Melissa, Brian and I had a table all to ourselves in the front left corner of the ballroom, which was also advantageous, because we got to grub first.  When you’ve only had a piece of lemon cake and coffee for breakfast, you’re ready to get your grub on.

Maria Nikolajeva’s “Time and Totalitarianism” presentation was an interesting reading on subversive Soviet culture, Diana Wynne Jones’ A Tale of Time City, and Isaac Asimov’s The End of Eternity.  The word that I came away from her reading is heterachronia–a multitude of times–similar to heterotopia, which means a multitude of places.