Priscilla at Apple Got Me Listening to Daft Punk Again

As I reported a few weeks ago here, my iPad deep sixed almost as soon as I had touched down in Taiwan. As a result, I lost a six page movie review that I had written in Apple’s Pages app, and I lost the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, which I had purchased on my iPad while in Brunswick, Georgia. Y and I had left our MacBooks back in Ohio so that we could travel lighter, but this meant that I never had a chance to backup my purchase made on the iPad. Besides having all of the fun things and work stuff that I had packed on my iPad before leaving Ohio disappear, I was more than miffed that I was out a whole album of tunes that I happened to like. According to Apple’s written policy, I didn’t think I would get the soundtrack back.

However, I was thinking last night that I should see what kind of contact form iTunes provided for customers. Going through the steps it provided, I was able to send an email message to iTunes customer service about the lost album.

Today, I received a friendly email from Priscilla at iTunes customer service. She understood my problem and setup my account to automatically download the album again in iTunes. This worked flawlessly.

Now, I am listening to Daft Punk and imagining that I am on The Grid.

Notes from Taiwan, Taiwanese Newspaper Report on Tron: Legacy’s Strong Opening Here

The Taiwanese Newspaper Liberty Times (Dec 28, 2010) has this to say about the theatrical debut of Tron: Legacy in Taiwan:

Science fiction film Tron: Legacy is number 1 at the box office for the Christmas period. Last weekend at Taipei, Tron: Legacy accounted for TWD$ 17, 680,000 and TWD$ 35,000,000 for all of Taiwan. The audience was mostly male and many technology enthusiasts asked each other to make a “pilgrimage” to the film.

I have already made two pilgrimages to see Tron: Legacy (Y and I saw it in IMAX 3D, and Bert and I saw in Brunswick in Disney 3D), and I hope to trek to some of the large technology stores in Taipei later this week. We shall see what kinds of goodies I can find there that I cannot find back in the States.

As I’m writing this, scooters zip past the front window front of Y’s parents house like blurs of light–Tron light cycles made ubiqutious in the physical world.

Don’t forget to catch my positive review of Tron: Legacy in the next issue of SFRA Review.

TRON Legacy Brings Cyberpunk Full Circle

P1010411, originally uploaded by dynamicsubspace.

Y and I drove to Pittsburgh today to see TRON Legacy on IMAX 3D at the Cinemark in Pittsburgh Mills. I will write up a full review for the next SFRA Review, but it suffices for now to say that it is a wonderful film that is fully deserving of the hype that led up to its release.

I like to point to the first TRON film as the popular beginning of cyberpunk in science fiction. There are obviously precedents in novels and short stories, but it was TRON that visually presented “the grid” before Gibson’s receding lines of light. Disney was there first, and they were there again in TRON Legacy–upgrading the original look with slick 3D visuals, and reminding us about the real driving innovator behind consumer digital electronics–video games and virtual spaces (in their many forms). I need to sleep to process the film more fully, but I am very much looking forward to writing this review.

If you want cool desktop pictures from the high resolution TRON Legacy trailer, cycle over to slashfilm here. If you haven’t already seen the trailer and film segments, see what Apple has to offer here.