The Oatmeal’s “This is the web right now” Webcomic is Spot-On

If you haven’t kept up with what is going on in the tech world recently, you should read The Oatmeal’s latest set of comics linked below. This compact, graphical guide will get you up-t0-date on Facebook, Apple’s Ping, Tumblr outages, Groupon, Netflix, HTML, and the AT&T vs. Verizon drama. My favorite is the Tumblrbeasts, which have been kindly adopted by tumblr (see here).

This is the web right now – The Oatmeal.

John Allison’s New Webcomic, Bad Machinery

Screen shot 2009-09-21 at 8.34.44 AM

As you can see in the panel above, there is a robot poster in John Allison’s new webcomic, Bad Machinery, which he says is not about robots.  New comics are integrated into a complicated cybernetic system–one that needs oil and sweat to efficiently mesmerize its readers into a sense of comic reading bliss. We will see if Mr. Allison has supplied the requisite oil and sweat as he raises Bad Machinery up to operating temperature. Find it at his tried and true domain:

Scary Go Round Ends

Screen shot 2009-09-11 at 5.12.59 PM

Mr. John Allison, thank you for a wonderful set of stories in the Scary Go Round universe. It is a sad day, because I believe that I could have kept on reading forever. What webcomic magical rabbits does he have up his shirt sleeve for the new comic beginning on Sept 21?

Read the last panel with farewells, big prospects, and Desmond.

Webcomic Scary Go Round Ends on Sept 11, As Tears Go By


Followers of John Allison’s superbly fantastic webcomic “Scary Go Round” know that the long running series comes to an end on September 11. It’s sad to know that those stories that I would read with my cereal every morning since I was in the MA in Science Fiction Studies program at the University of Liverpool will end. Make sure that you stop by for the farewell, and stay tuned for Mr. Allison’s new comic debuting on September 21. Scary Go Round is here.

Scary Go Round Painting on eBay

I’m a big, big fan of John Allison’s Scary Go Round webcomic beamed to the Interweb from the far, off strange land of England. He’s selling a painting of the Scary Go Round character Esther De Groot on ebay. The bidding is fast and furious, and it’s on-going until Saturday. Unfortunately, my financial situation precludes my bidding on the painting, but I would like to direct some traffic that way for the artistic and aesthetically inclined art barons looking for the next big thing (or those just interested in buying me an awesome birthday present).

Bid on the auction here, and read Scary Go Round here (updated daily, Monday through Friday–there’s something to be said about webcomic punctuality).