Sci Fi Lab Radio Show 10-18-2012 Photos

photo, originally uploaded by dynamicsubspace. Paul, Brendan, Adam, Matthew, Justin, and I talked about cyborgs and enjoyed a special interview with Thad Starner and Clint Zeagler on the third Sci Fi Lab Radio Show since the reboot. I took this panoramic photo of everyone talking in the radio studio with my iPhone 4S. Click throughContinue reading “Sci Fi Lab Radio Show 10-18-2012 Photos”

SF Lab Radio Show Special – Movies

Catch the latest installment of the Georgia Tech SF Lab Radio Show on FM91.1 in Atlanta, Georgia or online at tomorrow night, Sunday between 7-9 PM. This episode focuses on SF film, and I’ll be reading an 8 minute review based on my “Forced Deep Throat in AVP2” blog post. Mark your calendars thatContinue reading “SF Lab Radio Show Special – Movies”

Sci Fi Lab Radio Program #3

The Georgia Tech Sci Fi Lab Radio Program #3 is on Sunday night at 7:00pm on WREK FM91.1 in Atlanta, Georgia. The program’s theme is music and SF. I’ll be reading a review of Brasyl from SFRA Review #282, and a bit about music and textual SF works (I’ll post my segement on Dynamic SubspaceContinue reading “Sci Fi Lab Radio Program #3”