Let’s Play Lucasarts X-Wing Flight Simulator

One of my favorite games for PC is Star Wars: X-Wing by Lucasarts. Actually, the main force behind my wanting a PC at the time besides the fact that my Commodore Amiga died was knowing that a game like X-Wing was coming out. I had already spent months studying how PCs work and how to build one for myself that I settled on the components that I wanted, but I had one custom built by a local computer shop in Brunswick.

In the video above, MaliciDWildman takes us through the beginning of X-Wing, and he has a full series of the missions available in this playlist.

Star Wars Lego 30051 X-Wing Starfighter

I found the Target exclusive Star Wars Lego 30051 to be an even more fun build than the 30050 Republic Attack Shuttle. These are both related to the Christmas 2009 releases, which I discussed here. The thing that I like the most about this model is that it includes a silver 1×1 round plate for the astromech unit. However, a silvered dome–like for levers–might have looked more impressive.

In the near future, I am going to take some new pictures with the Midi-scale Millennium Falcon (more about this kit here) and the above X-Wing to improve upon this composite image I created of the Death Star II run at CERN.

More images of the of the mini X-Wing with S-foils closed and frontal shot:

Next Week-of-Lego post: Prince of Persia Desert Attack set!

Lego Star Wars Luke’s X-Wing Fighter 6212

Luke’s updated Lego X-Wing Fighter 6212 was a particularly fun build. Originally, I had the first version of Luke’s X-Wing from 1999 or so, and though cool, it doesn’t muster next to the awesomeness of this particular model. The wings crank open, there is a storage pod underneath the X-Wing as shown in The Empire Strikes Back, and it uses some smart building techniques to give it the angular look and color scheme. Also, the kit included extra minifigs of Wedge, Han, Leia, and Chewbacca from ESB.