Introduction to Language and Technology, ENG 1710

I draw on my research into the co-influence of the human brain and digital technology in my teaching of Introduction to Language and Technology, a required course in the BS in Professional and Technical Writing at City Tech. In addition to designing a syllabus that establishes what are languages, what is technology, what relationships are there between language and technology, and what aspects of language and technology are essential to technical communicators. Some of the theorists that students read and learn from include Mazlish, Derrida, Haraway, Hayles, McLuhan, and Bolter and Grusin. I make a point of having students read Ted Chiang’s “The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Fiction” at the beginning of the course to lay out the major issues of orality, literacy, and digital literacy. For the theoretical readings, I make a point of not requiring students to purchase a reader. Instead, I teach students how to find readings that are available legitimately online or through journal databases, which helps learn the research/locating skills needed in their future scholarly work.

Fall 2016

Syllabus, Introduction to Language and Technology