Science Fiction, ENG 2420

I will be teaching ENG 2420, Science Fiction at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY (City Tech) in Spring 2016. The College Catalog describes this course as, “Study of science fiction literature and film, with attention to cultural implications of the genre. Explores the questions science and technology raise about past, present and future societies. Projects, presentations and exams based on readings.” I am refining my lecture notes and designing a syllabus for this class now.

Besides receiving my formal graduate training in Science Fiction studies at the University of Liverpool (MA) and a specialization at Kent State University (PhD), I have taught innovative Science Fiction courses twice at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The course designation at Georgia Tech is LMC 3214.

Before earning my terminal degree, I took this course as an undergraduate student from Professor Lisa Yaszek in Summer 2004.

In Summer 2013, I taught Science Fiction as a traditional lecture/discussion class with 30 students who met with me in our classroom. In addition to examinations and a final paper, I led students through in-class exercises on using LEGO and haptics in learning about Science Fiction, and conducted a demonstration of Science Fiction video game adaptations on vintage computer hardware.

In Summer 2014, I taught Science Fiction as the first Summer Online Undergraduate Program (SOUP) version of the class. This hybrid class combined two sections–one section of in-class students and one, larger section of online students. I bridged the two sections with Twitter-based discussion exercises, and the online students learned from video recorded lectures/discussions with the in-person student section.

Summer 2014

Poster, “Science Fiction SOUP”

Syllabus, “Science Fiction SOUP”

Final Paper

Summer 2013

Poster, “Science Fiction”

Syllabus, “Science Fiction”