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Steven Francis Murphy’s “Tearing Down Tuesday” May 18, 2007

Posted by Jason W Ellis in Review, Science Fiction.

Steven Francis Murphy’s debut story, “Tearing Down Tuesday” in Interzone 210 (June 2007) is a fantastic tale that hits some heavy real life subject matter in the apocalyptic future following the Singularity.

It’s about a teenager, Kyle, who’s grown up with the stigmata of being an abused child. His dead father’s sins recur when Kyle is older and abused by Traveling Reverend Caldwell J. Robinson. However, the reader is led to believe that Kyle choses to be victimized in order to earn money to purchase his only friend, the robot named Tuesday. Unfortunately, sexual abuse and victimization is not a clear cut issue, and Murphy does a masterful job of presenting the dilemma and rationalization Kyle has to undertake in order to survive in the attempt to save his robot friend.

I definitely recommend this story to everyone. It does have mature and graphic subject matter, but the story’s frankness and honesty might also serve an awareness raising function for those not personally familiar with sexual abuse.


1. S. F. Murphy - May 19, 2007

Wow, Jason.

Damn, you said it better than I could have and I wrote it. I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to tell people what TDT is. Best I’ve been able to do is mutter, “It’s about a boy and his robot.”

Thanks, man.

Steven Francis Murphy
North Kansas City, Missouri

2. (b)erry - May 22, 2007

A good, solid review for a good, solid story. It couldn’t have happened to a greater guy.

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